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The mission of our HWM Buy Harlem Makers is to undertake joint projects and activities designed to address the needs of the Harlem community and serve as a platform through which our makers who are local artisans, vintage collectors, and chefs and continue to grow and thrive in Harlem.

Our Buy Harlem Makers market, the goal is to assist Harlem small businesses by encouraging our global readers to purchase goods and services in Harlem (with COVID, we understand that goods purchased locally are much safer and healthier for our US-based communites ).


According to the 2016, Harlem Commercial District Needs Assessment published by the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS), reported that over $804 million is spent outside the neighborhood each year and the NYC Company estimates that there are 5 million tourists visit Harlem each year.


We want to encourage everyone in Harlem, particularly tourists and residents, to support local businesses by purchasing their goods and services that will allow for the longevity of small businesses. We want to create a model with our partner’s Doorstep.Market that is sustainable for long-term success, having a positive impact on the seller’s bottom line, increasing job opportunities, and overall wellness in the Harlem community.


Our goals are to:

  • Relationship building
  • Capacity building
  • District marketing
  • Sales small businesses

Strategic Plan

To track the effectiveness of our curatorial success, we plan will hone in on a sample of merchants and walk them through the process, ensuring they get the assistance they need at each phase of becoming a successful seller.

In order to accomplish this goal, we will:

  • Curate quality products and services purchased by local purchasers.
  • Determine which of those products and services are high quality and currently sold by Harlem artisans, or could easily be provided by Harlem businesses.
  • Create an assessment of the business needs and current capacity.
  • Create partnerships with organizations, city and state agencies that can assist small businesses with enhancing operations and access to capital.
  • Assist merchants in onboarding them to the Doorstep.Market site to increase their use of free technology.
  • Create mentorships with established business owners and newer merchants.

Marketing Approach

We want to create more than just a one-time campaign. We project our campaign #BuyHarlemMakers, with our partner Doorstep.Market will lend itself to casting a wider net and galvanizing Harlem’s local community and tourists to purchase these and made goods here in Harlem by the use of social media, video, traditional print distribution, events, and more.

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