Apply For The Extended 2017 Partnerships Academy Fellowship (Updated)

Partnerships Academy Fellowship has extended the deadline for the 2017 Partnerships Academy Fellowship Application to March 8, 2017. For those of you who haven’t already applied, we want to invite you to consider applying to this exciting and FUN leadership development program for groups and organizations who support NYC parks, gardens and green spaces. 

Interested park group leaders can apply online for consideration for the Partnerships Academy Fellowship using the link below, which can also be accessed on our website. I have also attached a Word version of the application, in case you’d like to create a draft version of your application before submitting online using the link below.

The application deadline is now Wednesday, March 8 at 11:59 pm, and applicants will be notified about acceptance by Friday, March 24, 2017.

Application for the 2017 Partnerships Academy Fellowship

The 2017 Partnerships Academy Fellowship will feature:
  • Five in-person sessions for Fellowship participants featuring expert speakers selected by participants held in Manhattan between March and July 2017.
  • Partnerships for Parks and peer support on a park related project of your choosing.
  • Fall 2017 Graduation event featuring a ceremony hosted by NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver and CPF Executive Director Heather Lubov.
  • Completion certificate and stipend for all program graduates.

What is the Partnerships Academy Fellowship?

The Partnerships Academy Fellowship is a six-month long program in which a cohort of citywide community park groups support one another to work towards goals, and grow as leaders. Partnerships Academy Fellowship is geared towards community groups who are committed to getting to the next level of their development as a group, or with a specific project. Fellowship participan ts work with Partnerships for Parks to create a timeline for their initiative, and get support to achieve it through peer mentorship and support. In-person sessions help leaders define their goals, develop an action plan, monitor their progress, and evaluate their work.

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Benefits of the Fellowship–According to past Fellowship graduates

  1. Enlist Allies
  2. See clear and achievable objectives
  3. Share the vision
  4. Break large projects into smaller tasks
  5. Set a timeline and review frequently
  6. Celebrate small achievements
  7. Focus on priorities
  8. Be patient

Accomplishments reported by Fellowship participants

  • Filing for 501c3 status
  • Holding monthly meetings
  • Signing up new members
  • Securing corporate sponsors
  • Creating a fundraising plan for the future
  • Creating a local advisory board for the park
  • Setting up social media channels to recruit new members
  • Scheduling many clean up projects
  • Establishing and/enhancing relationships with park managers and other Parks staff

Application for the 2017 Partnerships Academy Fellowship

Note for those who have participated in the Fellowship before…You can apply again! If you would like to work on a new project we would love to have you apply!

The Partnerships Academy Fellowship looks forward to seeing your application!

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