An Ultimate Fashion Guide: What Should You Wear On Your Big Day

The D day is here, and it’s time to get dressed! What should you wear? How about a suit instead of the traditional tuxedo or white dress? If you’re still unsure what to rock on your big day, don’t worry. This ultimate fashion guide will help you find something perfect for your wedding.

1. Find a style of dress that makes you feel confident

Confidence is vital when it comes to walking down the aisle. A woman should feel beautiful and confident in what she’s wearing so that others can see her beauty too! We are all different in terms of shapes and sizes with our unique tastes.

The first thing a bride-to-be needs to do is find a style of dress that makes them feel good about themselves. Whether it’s the strapless or long sleeves, it’s important not to try everything under the sun because you might regret your final decision later on! Try a few styles beforehand until you know which ones make you happy, then stick with those options.

2. Consider the weather 

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How will the weather be on your wedding day? Will it be rainy or sunny?

The answer to this question will dictate many of the considerations you make when choosing what to wear for your big day. So, according to the experts at Yeah Weddings, if you have an outdoor ceremony and reception, you can either dress in layers to not get too hot while outside but still have enough coverage with long sleeves if need be. Or, you can decide on lighter fabrications like linen, allowing more air circulation during warmer months. Dress pants should also be slim cut rather than loose-fitting both because they look better all around and provide less material that needs protection from wind/rain.

3. Choose comfortable but stylish shoes

On your special day, you want to feel confident and comfortable. Your choice of shoes can make or break your outfit, so the shoe must be both stylish and comfortable.

There are various options for wedding day footwear, such as flats, pumps, ballet-style slippers, sandals (with straps), high heels (even wedges!)knee-high boots with ankle strap detail, etc. If you’re opting for flats instead of higher-heeled shoes because they are easier on your feet-wear closed-toe flat-soled shoes since open-toe shoes might not be appropriate if there will be dancing in them later.

Flat sandals may also offer more comfort than strapped sandals.

Flats, pumps, and sandals will offer more freedom of movement than short boots or knee-high boots with ankle strap detail would allow you to do on your big day.

Also, consider the weather: Closed-toe shoes will be a better option for colder climates, while open-toed flats might not be appropriate in cold weather-in this case, look into tights!

Some less common options are also available for those who want something different, such as wearing a pair of sneakers without laces (retro style) or adding embroidery to lace-up heels. You can always make them work if it’s what you’re looking for!

4. Have one backup outfit 

Having a backup outfit is imperative on your big day. If something happens to the first outfit, you can put it back on and pretend nothing happened!

  • Most of us have at least one black dress in our closet for formal events, so that’s an easy choice as a backup if needed.
  • If not, any color will do though I’d caution against wearing white or cream since they are hard to match with accessories and other outfits because of their intense colors.
  • Also, make sure that you’re comfortable with what is chosen; after all, this is supposed to be a happy event!

5. Don’t forget about accessories

Accessories are often the last thing on a bride-to-be’s mind when she focuses on coordinating her wedding dress, but these little details can make or break any look. Think earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. 

Accessories work as the perfect way to express yourself on your big day, and if you’re trying to coordinate a theme or color palette, they can act as the missing piece of the puzzle. Picking out accessories should be fun and easy! There are so many different styles available it depends on what mood you want to set for your big day.

Congratulations on finding your partner and deciding to get married! It’s no easy feat, but it is an exciting time in your life. This ultimate fashion guide will help you find a perfect dress for the big day that makes you feel confident and beautiful and walks with the theme of your wedding. We hope this article has been helpful so far- we know there are many more decisions ahead when planning a wedding.

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