An Amazing Offer Of Classic American Interior From East Harlem’s Demolition Depot

Who would have imagined that if you drove by this house it would have a perfectly intact, turn of the century classic American interior? Never judge a book by its cover! Here is a rare opportunity for anyone building a new home to incorporate a complete, original historic interior.

The interior is all intact just as originally built, with nice hardwood flooring, matching quarter sawn oak doors, trim, and baseboards on the main floor. Maple was used throughout on the second and third floors.

One can easily transform a sterile white box into something special.

There are three finely crafted fireplaces, all designed with understated subtleness and all in excellent original condition. The dining room fireplace has leaded glass upper cabinet doors.

The depth of the cabinets makes them possible to be used as a home bar.

This fireplace was able to have this unique depth by building out the firebox in brick which will be able to be reused.

Other available pieces include stained and leaded glass windows, an oak entryway with oak storm doors, Bluestone pavers, steps and curbing, and period light fixtures.

Demolition Depot, 159-161 East 126th Street, Harlem, NY 10035,, 212-860-1138

Photo credit: 1) House. 2) wood fireplace. 3) wood fireplace mantel. 4) Mantel. 5) Stain glass window. 6) Oak Entryway Door Set with Leaded Glass Sidelights. 7) Bluestone.

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