Aly’s Dancing School East 125th Street Harlem, NY, 1912

aly-s-dancing-school-southeast-corner-east-125th-street-1912-harlem-manhattan-nyc-20Seems there has been dancing in Harlem for centuries! A fantastic street level black and white photograph of the Aly’s (not Alvin) Dancing School on the southeast corner at East 125th and 124th Streets and Lenox Avenue, (on the right hand corner), Harlem, New York, 1912 .

We love the Harlem cobblestone paved streets with trolley car rails splitting them in two horizontally. Looking further back with mounds of dirt piled high from the probable construction work, next to a nest of wooden planks in saw horse fashion.

With the three-level wood and cement Aly’s Dancing School building sitting right on the corner built-in an earlier century above Bernard and other store fronts at the ground floor.

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