9 Rules Of Brain Healthy Eating From Harlem To Harare


By Dr. Daniel Amen

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Harlem is one of the food capital’s in the United States, “If you are going to eat right to think right, it is critical to make sure your food is loaded with proper nutrients that your body is able to properly digest.” 

Over the years, clinical neuroscientist and brain imaging expert, Dr. Amen has refined nine rules of brain-healthy eating. 

Here are the 9 Rules of Brain-Healthy Eating:

1.    Think “high-quality calories” and not too many of them.

2.    Drink plenty of water and not your calories.

3.    Eat high-quality lean protein throughout the day.

4.    Eat smart carbohydrates (low glycemic, high fiber).

5.    Focus your diet on healthy fats.

6.    Eat from the rainbow.

7.    Cook with brain-healthy herbs and spices to boost your brain.

8.    Make sure your food is clean as possible.

9.    If you’re having trouble with your mood, energy, memory, weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, or skin, make sure to eliminate any foods that might be causing trouble, especially wheat and any other gluten-containing grain or food, as well as dairy, soy, and corn.

Daniel Amen, M.D. heads Amen Clinics, which are located in Orange County, Calif., Atlanta, San Francisco, New York City, Washington, D.C., and the Seattle area. He has written numerous books, including “Healing ADD” and “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.” Dr. Amen also has appeared as a guest on such TV shows as “The View” and was a consultant for the movie “Concussion.”

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