9 Easy Ways To Make Your Cat Lose Weight

Losing weight could be a challenge for furry friends, especially cats. Cats tend to face the overweight issue as compared to the other pets.

Obesity is related to various health conditions in cats. There could be various issues a cat can face due to increased weight, such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, Arthritis, Joint injuries, and High blood pressure. However, there are several ways through which we can easily control our weight. Here are the tips that will help you in the process.

Check their weight regularly

It is also a good practice to keep a check on your cat’s weight regularly. Regular tracking of weight helps to monitor the slight changes. Make sure to weigh your cat at least once a week. You can get the inexpensive digital scale which is specially designed for small pets at https://www.petstock.com.au/cat. These scales will help to measure the pounds accurately.

Talk to your Vet

Talking to your vet regarding your cat’s weight can certainly give you an idea about the ideal weight. Your vet will also help you to design a gradual weight loss program for your cat. According to the experts, you should always make changes in your diet after every 3 weeks. Make sure to conduct a visit at your vet after every 6 months to evaluate your cat’s weight and overall body condition.

Pay attention to the serving

It is important to watch how much your cat is eating on a daily basis to control the weight. You can use various measuring cups or spoons to measure the cat food. These can be easily available at pet stores. Controlling how much your cat is eating will let you control its weight and reduce the excess as well.

Check what you are feeding

Apart from the portion, it is important to look for what your cat is eating or what you are serving to him. Try to get food products that are rich in fiber and protein. This type of food will help in reducing the calories and carbohydrates. You can also try to increase the amount of wet food in the diet since it makes them full. Adding a piece of pumpkin in the cat food will keep your cat feeling full for longer as it is higher in moisture and fiber.

Monitor their treatment intake

Similar to dog’s cats like treats. Generally, these cat treats are not full of nutrients and are balanced. Most of these cat treats are loaded with a high amount of carbohydrates. Hence it is recommended not to provide more than 10% of the calorie intake. Excess consumption of these treats can cause obesity and overweight issues. It can also lead to nutritional imbalance. Hence it is important to monitor their treatment intake as well.

Increase their physical exercise

Increasing physical activity can also contribute towards reduced weight. Hence most of the vets recommended exercise on a daily basis for the cat to keep the weight in check. Make sure your cat gets engaged with some of the other physical activities.

Use slow feeders or food puzzles

Slowing down the food intake can also help in a great way to control your cat’s weight. It can be easily done by skipping the regular bowls or feeding them with an interactive puzzle. Another way is to add some water to their food.

Monitor their medical problems

Talking to your vet and understanding its medical problems can also help in reducing your cat’s excess weight. There could be several reasons, such as a build-up of fluid, thyroid, or overactive adrenal gland that can contribute towards the excessive weight. Consulting with your vet and working on an effective weight-reduction plan can certainly help your cat to shed excess pounds.

Increase the water intake

Adding water to your cat’s food can also help to keep him full and hydrated for a longer time. This, in return, can result in weight loss as well. Sipping water at regular intervals will help him to feel stuffed and consume small portions after it.

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