6 Tips On How To Be Happy In Old Age From Harlem To Hollywood

July 27, 2021

Getting older asks you to face various challenges in terms of physical as well as social health.

Some of those changes could be positive, while some of them could leave a negative impact on your life. Here the primary challenge would be to get the good out of this process and take the proper steps to maintain your emotional and mental health. The impact of aging could affect your bones, heart, brain, digestive system, senses, teeth, gums, skin, sexual function, etc. Some of these changes are a part of your aging process, but these changes need to slow down your daily activities or routine. Getting help from aged people health care such as Heritage care also helps. There are many ways through which you can undoubtedly make this aging process graceful without impacting your activities. Here is the list of the ways through which you can achieve that.

Be physically Active

Keeping yourself physically active is one of the first steps towards getting aged gracefully. According to recent research, a regular workout can help you improve your body balance and keep you mobile. Apart from this, it also helps to improve your mood and reduce feelings of anxiety which could be responsible for better cognitive functioning. Regular exercise also helps manage various severe diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, colon cancer, osteoporosis, etc. It is recommended to go for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity workout every week. You can choose from a brisk walk, swimming, etc.

Be Socially Active

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Being socially active would also help you to age gracefully. It is essential to regularly interact with your friends and family members to keep your mental health in check. According to the research, people who are part of a high level of social activities experience fewer negative feelings, positive moods, etc. If you do not have any social life, then make sure to look for a new connection or get connected with your old friends again. You can also seek like-minded people in various groups, church groups, gyms, or volunteer activities.

Follow a healthy diet

Here comes the third way that would help you to remain joyful even when you are getting older. Your body needs proper nutrition to keep all the functions smooth. Make sure to choose the food with low saturated fats and high in fiber. This will help you to lower the risk of various chronic conditions. You can try following the Mediterranean diet, which would allow you to achieve this goal since it comprises whole grains, vegetables, olive oil, nuts, fish, legumes, etc. Generally, this type of diet is low in full-fat dairy products, red meat, and processed food.

Schedule your routine checkups

Aging comes with various health issues, and hence it is essential to keep a check on it regularly. Therefore make sure to schedule regular checkups with your eye doctor, physician, and dentist to detect the early signs of possible health issues to start treating them. Talking about specialists, you can always approach Geriatricians who are known to be specialized in the treatment of aged people. You can go for the initial consultation post, which will suggest to you the respective specialists depending upon your health condition.

Take care of your medications.

How can we forget medicines when talking about health? It is a fundamental step towards your healthy mind as well as body. It is always advised to pop in your medication as per your doctor’s prescription without fail. You can also get a periodic review of the medication with your family doctor to understand whether you would still need to continue with all the medicines in the long run. With growing age, your memory tends to get weaker, and hence it becomes impossible to remember all the medication. Make sure not to stop any medicines without your doctor’s advice. If the doctor is not available, then you can also consult with your pharmacist regarding the medication.

Limit the alcohol consumption

We understand that you loved partying and enjoying your weekends with alcohol. But with age, it is vital to take control of it to prevent its adverse effects. It is always advisable to limit alcohol consumption to one drink a day for women and men.

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