5 Tips For Teaching Your Kid How To Start Riding A Dirt Bike

May 5, 2020

By Bretton Love

Have you been wondering how you can get your kid to start riding a dirt bike in upstate New York?

That’s a feeling that many motocross lovers share.

But, the associated risks also demotivate some of us.

So, what to do?

Well, if we approach the training with the right mindset, your kid may soon start riding with confidence.

And in this post, we are sharing five useful tips to make that happen.

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1. First Teach Them To Ride a Bicycle

Although this isn’t mandatory, if you do this, your kid will find it easier to ride a bike, mainly because he/she would have some experience balancing a two-wheeler. (No human is really born with the skill).

So, to be on the safer side, before you buy your kid a motocross bike, get them a bicycle to practice on.

Bicycles are way lighter than dirt bikes, hardly involve any technicalities and also help maintain health. Riding a bicycle will help your kid learn the art of balancing a two-wheeler.

And once your champ has acquired enough confidence for riding a bicycle, we can think about moving further.

Also, as the bicycle may be a temporary arrangement, you don’t have to spend on a new one. If you find any good leads, get a used bicycle and train your kid with that.

2. Get the Right Bike And Wheels

If your kid is young and has not grown up to be a tall person by now, you must be super-cautious while buying the bike.

Yes, there are many mid and small-sized dirt bikes that you can choose from. Just keep in mind that the choice should be such that your kid can ride and practice on the same bike until you wish to buy a new (bigger) one.

Also, you’ll have to be mindful while buying wheels and tires, based on your kid’s height. This is to ensure that his/her feet can comfortably reach the ground.

Apart from this, you may also want to consider the overall power output of the bike along with your budget.

3. Keep Safety In Mind, and In Practice

Safety should be the first priority while training your kid(s).

As your kid starts his/her riding career, you must make sure that they are safe from all sorts of accidental injuries that may crop up during practice.

For this, proper medical assistance should be readily available at the time of practice. Plus, one rule should be set forever, NEVER PRACTICE WITHOUT GEAR.

Safety gear like helmet, gloves, riding boots, and riding jacket are meant to save riders from injuries.

If you don’t want your kid to be injured, make sure you get qualified kids motorbike gear before hitting the track.

4. Train Them To Ride Slow

Watching professional riders stealing the show on YouTube undoubtedly feels motivational. But, that’s not really how inspiration should work.

Before we plan on reaching the level where they already are, we need to practice as much as they have done.

And the best way to do that is by starting slow.

Your kids can’t learn the skills while their mind is constantly under a rush of riding fast, fast, and faster.

So, start easy. Train them to ride slow. Once they have gained a perfect balance in riding slow, riding fast will no longer be a challenge. When balance is there, speed comes easy!

5. Add Small Hurdles

A dirt bike track is never an easy ride. It’s always filled with several bumps, sharp curves, and twists & turns.

When you are training your kid for a dirt biking career, make sure you include these hurdles in their training.

For a better understanding, you can check out this awesome guide on how to create a small motocross track in your backyard.

Final words

Training your kid how to ride a dirt bike can often be a challenging task. Remember, it’s not just about training them to balance on two wheels. This is about a whole different journey afterward.

We understand the pain, and so here we shared five quick tips to help you train your kid around starting to ride a dirt bike.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this and found it helpful.

Photo credit: Wikipedia.

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