5 Natural Ways To Increase Your Breast Size

September 22, 2021

Many women are looking for ways to increase their breast size without having to go under the knife. 

There are many natural ways that you can do this with resources readily available in your home. Here are 5 of them!

Breast Massage

Massaging your breasts daily can help stimulate blood flow to the area and enhance what you are already doing. This is also good for lymphatic drainage after working out, or any time that you are sore in this general region of the body. It will help with muscle recovery as well! Use coconut oil since it is a natural antibacterial and antifungal, so it will help prevent infections in the breast area.

Gently massage your breasts for three minutes in an upward motion towards the heart twice a day. It doesn’t have to be done at specific times; whenever you can fit it into your schedule is fine! Make sure that you only use slow strokes when massaging yourself as fast movements may damage blood vessels and nerves which are close to the surface of our skin (this goes for anywhere on the body). This should also not hurt or feel uncomfortable, if something feels wrong stop doing whatever activity you were performing immediately!

Breast Enlargement Cream

There are a lot of breast enlargement creams on the market, and most contain either estrogen or progesterone. Progesterone cream can cause menstrual changes in women who have not been pregnant before, so it is usually best to avoid this type of product if you haven’t had your period yet. Estrogen-based products will raise levels but provide no growth stimulation for new tissue development and may even be counterproductive since too much estrogen stimulates the conversion to testosterone which may decrease cup size while increasing body hair! Some people also complain that using these types of breast enlargement cream makes their breasts tender and sore. Many other ingredients found in over-the-counter preparations such as saw palmetto, wild yam root extractions (phytosterols) and bioflavonoids have been used in various combinations to try to produce a breast enlargement effect.

However, these products do not work very well either because they are simply not potent enough or the manufacturers do not know how to formulate them correctly. In my opinion, using herbal-based creams is no better than taking estrogen supplements orally since there is no way of knowing if you will be sensitive to any ingredients included in this type of product.

Herbal Breast Enlargement

This is a formula that you can make yourself at home for free! It contains several herbal extracts and spices such as fenugreek, saw palmetto berry, chaste berry fruit (aka vitex), Dong Quai root, blessed thistle herb, and red clover flower. These herbs all work together to help stimulate breast tissue growth and will be great if your main goal is increasing the fullness or firmness of the breasts. This should only take three weeks to see results but can also be used long-term since it has no negative side effects as many pharmaceuticals do; these are 100% natural ingredients which makes them healthy even in high doses!

If this option interests you, we recommend going to a health food store and talking with someone who works there about the best formula for you. You can also get it online, just be sure that they are reputable!

Breast Vitamins

Breast enhancement pills are a very effective way to increase the size of your breasts. They have been shown in studies to be up to 89% effective when taken daily! The main ingredients usually include fenugreek, saw palmetto berry, and chaste berry fruit (aka vitex). These supplements can help boost hormones in our bodies which helps with breast growth over time. It is important though that you do not exceed the recommended dosage because it could cause negative side effects such as increased hair growth or depression; talk with someone at a health food store if this concerns you before taking any product containing these herbs!

The same rules apply for herbal supplements as they did for herbal breast enlargement: go into a reputable health food store and talk to someone who works there about which brand is best for you. They can also tell you more information if something sounds confusing!

Foods That Help Increase Breast Size

There are a few foods that have been shown in studies to help with growing breasts. These include flaxseed oil, watercress, and black currant seed oil! You should try incorporating these into your diet daily because it will only take three weeks for them to start affecting your body. If you do not enjoy any of these foods then there is no need to worry; just stick with step number four from above which uses herbal supplements instead.

Natural ways to increase your breast size are a great choice for women who want to increase their bust size. Many ways can be used and you will have several options available at your disposal when it comes time to choose the method of enlargement that best suits you.

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