5 Natural Hair Styles To Beat Harlem Humidity And Hide Frizz

June 3, 2015

tumblr_mxgrmfWfDi1t38ug4o1_500A little while back, we dished out these top 3 natural hair styling tips for beating humidity, but the question still lingers — what hair styles to turn to in Harlem?

Don’t you worry, we’re not about to leave you hanging. Incorperating hair care technqiues for preventing frizz (or learning to accept it) is one thing, but styling your natural hair around unwanted frizzies and flyaways that arise every summer  is a whole other beast!

The summer is the perfect time to experiment with new, well, experimental hair styles — you can rock the “carefree” tousled and effortless look — and no one has to know you were up all morning trying to tuck away the frizz. These five natural hair styles embrace frizz! So you can rock these styles all day, worry free. Summer humidity? Sauna weather? Bring it on.


1. Senegalese Twists

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These are great because it really doesn’t matter what texture your hair is — all textures can pull this look off beautifully and the frizzier your hair is, the better the twists hold.


2. Blow Out

If you blow out your hair using a blow dryer, rather than straightening it, it will give your hair the purposefully frizzy look that you would normally go for with a blow out. If the humidity causes your hair to curl up or frizz a bit, it will just add fullness to the look!


3. Half Down Half Up Do

Secure the hair at the crown of your head back with pins or clips to avoid frizzies around your hair line. Leave the bottom half of your hair out to be free and frizzy all that it wants! Spruce up this look with twists and braids and a chunky pair of earrings.


4. Turban or Head Scarf

If you can’t beat the frizz…wrap it up! Covering your ends with silky turbans and/or scarves is also a great protective style and super quick and easy so you can look great and get out of the house in five minutes. If you don’t have a silky turban, just wrap your hair first in a silky scarf or cap then cover with your turban, beanie, or non-silky scarf!


5. Braided Updo

Sometimes all it takes to keep frizz under control is some braids and bobby pins. Go as simple or elaborate as your braiding capabilities go! Top the look off with a colorful flower, pin, or head band.

Lastly, (but not least!) if you don’t feel like struggling in front of the mirror in the effort to beat humidity throughout the day, just don’t! Wear your hair as it wants to be. Embrace the frizz when it comes and rock the natural hair on your head that you love — that’s the reason why you’re natural, after all! The frizzy afro look will never go out of style. (Let’s hope!).

Photo credit: 1) Do not photographers. 2) Photo courtesy of simplychic08.blogspot.com. 3) Photo courtesy of hairtrending.tumblr.com. 4) Photo courtesy of pinterest.com. 5) Photo courtesy of pinterest.com 6). Photo courtesy of ivy-mag.com. (source)

What is your go-to hair style for those hot humid summer days?

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